An Interview with Anni Mazagobian, Executive Director at Al Hussein Society


 Dave Gardy here in Orlando at ATI 2019 and we have here Anni Mazagobian who is from Jordan and we want to talk a little bit about what you're doing here because you're a speaker at this conference right?

I'm lucky to be here, not everybody has the opportunity to come all over from Jordan to here to attend such an amazing exhibition. So, I'm representing an organization which is called Hussein Society, Jordan Center for Training and Inclusion. Our aim is to create an inclusive society, including so that every person disregarding his or her nationality or disability are included in society. So we provide comprehensive rehab services for persons with different disabilities, including Syrian refugees. As you know we are living in a very turbulent country and we are receiving a lot, we have 3 camps, accommodating the Syrian refugees. We are even there, with our limited resources, we providing comprehensive rehab services, in there own, where they live in the camps.

Now, you're speaking here at the show, can you tell us what you're speaking about?

I'm really only sharing, I hope that I can find people attending because sharing my experience with a child with CVCP, that of course attended our organization. We have used assistive technology, a very limited, what do you call it, primitive assistive technology to help her in her in her academic performance. So, I'm just sharing her experience and it's elongated study. I followed her since she was 7 years old and now she's 18 and how we are supporting her to continue her high school degree.

How's the show been for you?

The show was amazing, really it's still amazing but its crowded. It's an indicator in itself that everybody is coming to the show. Again, I'm lucky, I'm a lucky Jordanian citizen, to find this kind of services but what is interesting is that all the accessibility services are quite expensive but no. I can see so many companies providing free services to persons with disabilities. They have this passion for persons and they really want to create and inclusive society.

What are some of the future challenges you think you're going to face in Jordan when you go home and what will help you here?

Yes, I would love to have partnership. First of all, I was thinking to have this kind of diploma where I can raise awareness of the people in Jordan, to the needs of the assistive technology and improving the quality of life for persons with disabilities. So, I just wanted to have some sort of partnership, either with a university or a college in this respect. Another challenge I want to meet, that we don't have the market, the market is not there. Even if we are aware, we don't have any vendors who are aware to provide this kind assistive tools.

People want to find out more about your organization in Jordan is there a website they can go to?

Yeah, we do have a website, it's Okay, we've been talking with Anni Mazagobian who is here from Jordan and a speaker at the show later today at 4:30. Thank you for joining us.

Thank you for having me.

I'm Dave Gardy here for ATI 2019, stay tuned for more from the show.

Posted on February 8, 2019

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