Primary Speaker : Mrs. Beth Poss, AT Consultant/Administrator, Montgomery County Public Schools

Co-Speaker : Ms. Linda Bastiani Wilson, Assistive Technology Specialist, HIAT, Montgomery County Public Schools
Co-Speaker : Dr. Caroline Musselwhite, Literacy and AAC Specialist, na
Co-Speaker : Sharon Plante, Director of Technology, The Southport School
Co-Speaker : Erin Sheldon, CEO, Integration Action for Inclusion

During this Spotlight Session, AT and AEM professionals will share their best practices for using assistive technology to support reading and literacy success for all students. Too often students with disabilities are provided ineffective reading instruction or are not give appropriate resources to allow them to access grade level text. This session will showcase evidence based strategies, tools, and materials that create effective literacy experiences for students with a range of needs, including learning disabilities, dyslexia…

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