Primary Speaker : Dr. Ben Satterfield, Research Consultant, Georgia Tools for Life/ Center for AT Excellence
Co-Speaker : Lori Geist, Assistant Professor, UNC at Chapel Hill
Co-Speaker : Mrs. Laura Oldford, Recreation Therapist, Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation
Co-Speaker : Ms. Theresa Vaughan, BCI Project Coordinator and Principal Researcher, Wadsworth Center, NYS Department of Health
Co-Speaker : Bob Cunningham, Associate Professor, Maryville University
Co-Speaker : Brenda Del Monte, AAC Specialist, Adjunct Faculty, Practice Scholar Mentor with NAU, Advanced Therapy Solutions
Co-Speaker : Ms. Patricia Bahr, Director, ICATER, University of Iowa – ICATER
Co-Speaker : Dr. Penny Reed, Penny Reed Consulting
Co-Speaker : Ms. Kathy Howery, Doctoral Candidate/Consultant, University of Alberta

Sponsored by the ATIA Research Committee.

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