Dave Gardy. We're here at the booth of AccessibilityOz at the M-Enabling Summit for 2018, and I'm with Kisiah Timmons, who's the Business Development Manager. Thank you so much for joining us today, Kisiah.

Thank you for coming by our booth.

You're attracting a lot of attention at this booth, and we've got a crowd here, but I wanted to give us an idea what AccessibilityOz is all about. We know, because we use your player at WebAble TV. It's a great product, but tell us a little bit about the company.

Thank you, yes. AccessibilityOz is a web services consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. However, we do have offices here in the United States, in both Portland, Oregon, and in New York, New York. We are very involved in helping our clients become more WCAG 2.0 compliant. That also includes section 508 refresh standards, and we offer a variety of products and services to meet the accessibility needs of our clients.

Now, start telling us a little bit about some of those services. First of all, the OzPlayer, which we love using at WebAble TV, give us an overview of what that does.

Yes. OzPlayer is the world's first fully accessible video player, where it's used as an overlay, on top of YouTube videos to help make it more accessible for people that have disabilities, including the inclusion of audio tracks, descriptions, captioning, as well as accessible buttons, specifically for people who use screen readers.

And it's very flexible, and you sell OzPlayers all over the world, right?

Yes, we do. Yes, we do. We give it away free for many of our organizations that only have maybe 10 videos or less. So, it is become very popular.

Now what's the OzWiki all about?

Yes. Our OzWiki is our online proprietary database of accessibility errors, and their resolutions. It is a subscription base, but it actually puts the information that your developers, and your internal decision makers need to have in order to remediate their own accessibility problems. So we're very proud of that, because as a business, we're not just a quote, "for-profit business," but we do believe, and given our clients the tools, in order to make their own systems accessible to people with disabilities.

So developers would use that tool.

Yes, they would.

I see, and OzART.

OzART is actually our automated, it's an accessibility reporting tool, and that's actually our flagship product. It is an automated tool that captures approximately 33 percent of accessibility errors at one given time, and then it gives you screen captions, as well as the issues that need to be addressed from our OzWiki database. So you're not only just getting that, hey, you know, your system or your website has an error, but you're also getting the fixes via our OzWiki, as well as actual screenshots of those errors.

And who would use OzART?

OzART were typically used by a QA teams, as for me and my sales, with a kind of technical background as well, we recommend that it be done by a QA team, and not developers specifically, because you don't want the same people that are writing the code to test the code as well for accessibility. You want that check and balance there, so we definitely prefer that QA testers use the tool.

So I've seen a lot of people coming up to your booth, it's very active here. What is the theme to this year? What are people asking about mostly?

Most of the time, they're asking about OzART, because that, like I said, is our flagship tool, and in this day and time, accessibility compliance is a huge issue. We've had so many of our clients, and so many others, that have been cited with DOJ violations, with ADA violations, and so they want a fix, and they want it more immediate. Even though we do spend time on manual testing, OzART helps our clients cut to the chase, and get to the heart of the problems, the accessibility issues, much easier. And that way, they'll know exactly which errors to prioritize, and be able to develop like a remediation strategy.

Excellent. Now, how's the show been for you so far, here at the floor?

Oh, it's wonderful. It's wonderful. Me, myself, this is actually my first time visiting, coming to M-Enabling. I've done CSUN, and of course, the Accessing Higher Ground in Colorado, so this has actually been a great experience for me, as well as the other company rep that we have here as well.

So, if people want to find out more about Oz, AccessibilityOz, where should they go on the web? What's the web site?

Yes. It is, that's AccessibilityOz, O-Z. All one word, dot com. So please check us out on the web, and feel free to drop us a line or communicate with us. 'Cause we also have our Twitter handle on our website too.

Excellent. We've been talking with Kisiah Timmons, who is the Business Development Manager for AccessibilityOz, a great company.

Thank you.

We use their player here at WebAble TV. Thanks for joining us from M-Enabling Summit. I'm Dave Gardy. Stay tuned for more.

Posted on June 18, 2018

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