Dave Gardy here for WebAble TV at the M-Enabling Summit in Arlington, Virginia and I'm here with Mike Paciello, Chairman of a new company called Open Access Technologies. What's it all about, Mike?

Hey Dave, so thanks very much for inviting me here, great to be at M-Enabling once again. So Open Access Technologies is all about publishing and accessible publishing. We've private labeled a publishing platform that allows us to produce documentation of all kinds, all forms, for people with disabilities, accessible, usable.

Give us an overview of the market demand for this and some of the applications you see.

Yeah, it's an excellent question. The market specifically that we're going after is what we call the high volume, high transaction, large scale enterprise business. So, you know, for example, your utility companies, your cable companies, those that are billing statements, financial services companies, organizations that are putting out tens of millions of documents per month, we can handle those, run those through our platform system, whatever format that they're in and then churn them out that are accessible and usable to consumers.

What's the overall value proposition that kinda distinguishes this new company, OAT?

Yeah, well you're gonna find a lot of organizations in the accessibility business that are there doing the remediation. Our real goal here is publishing, so ultimately the value proposition is at the beginning born accessible, the thing from its root form, is built and designed and delivered in an accessible format.

Excellent, interesting. So how's the show been for you so far? What's some of the questions you've been getting about this new company, Open Access Technologies?

Yeah, well, everybody wants to know scale. They wanna know how many we can do, what the quality of the remediation, does it meet standards, ISO standards? Interestingly enough, does it meet some of the formal industry standards, like in the financial sectors, of what they have to meet? Even health standards, like HIPAA. So they're looking for privacy, they're looking for quality. The other big thing here, and this is a big core of our engine, is the machine learning in the artificial intelligence that we have built into the platform. It already exists and it works really well, so that's a hot topic right now for this conference.

Excellent, so if people want to find out more about OAT, where should they go? And it's Open Access Technologies.

Yeah, it's, we're talking to the Chairman, Mike Paciello, well known here in this industry. How's the show been for you?

It's been great, always good. Bigger this year, lots more people, it's been awesome.

Thanks, Dave Gardy here at WebAble TV. The M-Enabling Summit at Arlington, Virginia for 2018, stay tuned for more.

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