Hi, I'm Dave Gardy for WebAble TV, we're at the M-Enabling Summit of 2018 in Arlington, Virginia. And, I'm at the Open Access Technologies booth here with Howard Berke, who is the CEO. We just talked to Mike Paciello. Now, you guys go back a bit and now you're working together in this company.

Well, yes, Mike and I have known each other for nearly 20 years. I helped Mike in the founding of TPG. Obviously, he's the principal founder and built a very successful company. But, as a serial entrepreneur, I loved working with Mike with TPG so much so that we founded a second company together, Open Access Technologies a couple years ago.

Dave: Okay, so give us some perspective, some of the use cases that Open Access Technologies, the applications that are being implemented.

Well, our customer is the enterprise. That enterprise customer could be a corporation, it could be an institution, it could be an NGO, and, of course, it could be a government agency. Here we are in D.C., and we believe we have a valuable solution to offer to some of the large federal agencies as well as state government offices. But, there are three principal uses, many more, but there are three principal use cases for our platform technology. The first is there's an enormous archive of pdf documents and documents in general that are not accessible. And, this could be billions of pages of documents could be rendered accessible via our platform. So, that's an important use case that comes from the legacy inventory of documents. The other is that today, millions and millions of pdfs are produced in transactional distribution of billing statements, enrollment forms, applications of all sorts that come to be not accessible and we can, in very high volume, be able to make those transactional statements, those documents accessible. Our platform is a service that can interface with the servers of other platforms. The two software platforms can work together and then report back the accessible document. The third, which is really I think in part what my co-founder Mike as chairman had mentioned as our vision, is that content, documents can be published, created accessible at birth. So, our platform is both a publishing platform as well as a remediation platform and that which we remediate can be a archive standalone document or it can be be one of millions of replicated transactional documents like statements and billings as I've described. Those are the three principal use cases of our technology.

What do you think distinguishes your solution from others that are in the market today? It seems like you are tackling a lot and you got a lot of new ideas.

Well, I mean, clearly there is a significant opportunity in the marketplace. And, to believe that we are the only one that's identified that opportunity and is attempting to seize that opportunity would be false and misleading. So, we anticipate future competition. We believe that we have a first mover advantage because our platform has been commercial for some time and we've built the accessibility features on what is a proven commercial platform. So, those who are just beginning or developing something new, our platform has been expanded to the capability of what I described but is built on a very successful publishing platform that many of the major publishers in the world, electronic publishers, have utilized. So there is the confidence that we have a proven platform, that there's a successful track record with those prominent publishers and now we're offering the functionality and the services of this platform to the enterprise market.

Dave: How about tech support and service after the sale, how does that work with your company?

So, our go to market is both direct sales and through important partners that we'll be announcing. So, we are building our own technical support team but, by going to market in certain segments with an existing partner who has that sales and support already in place, that will allow us to seize this opportunity, be able to scale in the market faster, and have a strong partner that has pre-existing relationships and an enterprise sales force and support team in place.

Dave: Excellent, so if people want to find out more about Open Access Technologies, the website is We've been talking with Howard Berke who is the CEO of the company, Open Access Technologies. Thank you Howard.

Thank you.

Good to see you, appreciate your time. And, how has the show been for you?

Very busy, very busy. Mike, obviously, is one of the thought leaders in this industry so between this show and recently being at CSUN, 10 minutes doesn't go by where doesn't greet Mike or engage him, so just keeping up with my co-founder is keeping me busy.

Excellent, good to hear. I'm Dave Gardy from M-Enabling Summit in Arlington, Virginia. Stay tuned for more.

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