Assistive Technologies have relied for many decades on user’s input to operate. However, the advent of artificial intelligence,cognitive computing and robotics now enables assistive technologies to understand the user needs and anticipate their needs without user input and to performs functions in lieu of human support. How far can we envision those trends to bring us? Which products / services are already taking advantage of those technologies? What are the implication for care services? Which risks may be appearing including loss of human interaction and privacy?

Session Chair: Steve Ewell, Executive Director, CTA Foundation


Peter Korn, Accessibility Architect, Amazon Lab 126
Preety Kumar, CEO and Founder, Deque Systems
Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Chief Accessibility Officer, Microsoft
Drew LaHart, Program Director, Accessibility Competency and Enablement, IBM Research
Anil Lewis, Executive Director, NFB Jernigan Institute,National Federation of the Blind

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